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Our Response to County School Districts Quarantine Plans


We have received many calls and inquiries regarding the Health Departments stance on New Madrid County school districts quarantine guidelines. We stand firm and recommend only the CDC guidelines. As a reminder the quarantine recommendations are as follows:

1. Traditional 10-day quarantine from last exposure to the confirmed case

2. Test out option: Patient must quarantine for 7 full days from the last contact with the positive and remain asymptomatic those 7 days. On day 5, 6, or 7 if the patient receives a negative test result and remains asymptomatic, they may return to regular activities on the 8th day. (Test out option is only accepted if tested on day 5,6, or 7 of quarantine and written proof is required.)

Like you, the Health Department is concerned about the health and safety of our kids as they return to school. We know that in-person learning is important for our children, and we believe that following expert advice from public health professionals at the CDC is the best way to make sure students have a safe and healthy environment to learn in.

The CDC recommends a layered approach to protecting kids at school, beginning with COVID vaccination for all staff, faculty, and students 12 years old or older. The CDC also recommends mask wearing for everyone at the school who is not vaccinated, physical distancing of at least three feet in school buildings, cleaning. Good ventilation in school buildings, handwashing, and staying home when sick. Quarantining at home after being exposed to COVID is also an important public health strategy to prevent COVID from spreading from one person to others.

We recognize that safety and prevention strategies and protocols may vary from county to county, but we stand by the expert advice from public health professionals at the CDC, and we recommend that all New Madrid County Schools follow the CDC guidance. This is the very best science we must depend on at this moment. As scientists and doctors learn more, their recommendations may change. This is a sign of progress as experts come to understand the COVID virus better and can offer more effective strategies for us to slow and stop its spread.

If you have any questions about the CDC strategies or why the New Madrid County Health Department follows the CDC guidance, please contact us. Our goal is to protect public health for you, your family, and our whole community.



New Madrid County COVID case count as of October 14th, 2021 at 4:30pm

Total Cases: 3303  Active Cases: 24

Total out of quarantine: 3279   Deaths: 61

New cases by day

9/13: 37   9/14: 35   9/15: 23   9/16: 33   9/17: 24   9/20: 25   9/21: 25   9/22: 8     9/23: 20   9/24: 12   9/27: 18   9/28: 7     9/29: 16   9/30: 8    10/1: 12   10/4: 9   10/5:11    10/6: 3    10/7: 7   10/8: 1   10/12: 18   10/13: 3   10/14: 2