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Educational PGM Associate III

Assigned service region will include two of the following counties: New Madrid, Scott, Pemiscot, Stoddard, Dunklin, and Mississippi County. The person in each of the Navigator positions will alternate working out of two different county health offices. 

Audience: The navigator will primarily serve high needs, vulnerable families to include but not limited to grandparents raising grandchildren, pregnant or parenting teens, parents of new babies, low-income families, children whose parents are incarcerated or recelty released, etc. 

Purpose: The purpose of the Navigator is to assist caregivers to fully connect with needed resources that relate to improving health and well-being. Physical and mental health resources, home-visiting programs, educational programs, legal services, housing, transportation supports, job training, etc. are some of the examples. Resources might be on a prevention, intervention, or treatment level. 

To learn more about the job posting go to the following link and apply for one of the three navigator positions: 

Search for Job ID: 

Job ID 27011 - Pemiscot and Dunklin Counties

Job ID 27015 - New Madrid and Mississippi Counties

Job ID 27014 - Scott and Stoddard Counties


Take a step toward staying

Healthy & Active

Advanced ultrasound technology looks inside your arteries for signs of plaque buildup.

That’s why 9 out of 10 cardiovascular doctors support preventive screenings for those with key risk factors*

*Key risk factors include Age 55+, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, Tobacco usage, family history of CVD or stroke

Life Line Screening is now coming to our neighborhood!!

Where: New Madrid County Health Department

Sponsored By: SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

When: Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Pre-registration is required, Call: 1-888-653-6450

To register for your appointment and to receive a special $10 discount, please call 1-888-653-6450 or visit www.lifelinescreening.com/community-partners


Life Line Screening has partnered with over 100 hospitals across the country and has conducted 8 million screenings since 1993.

Carotid Artery (Plaque) Screening –

Ultrasound scan of the carotid arteries that screens for buildup of fatty plaque – a leading cause of strokes.


Heart Rhythm Screening (Atrial Fibrillation) –

A quick and east test using EKG electrodes placed on the arms and legs to identify the presence or absence of an irregular heartbeat.


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening –

Ultrasound screening for an abdominal aneurysm (enlargement) that could lead to a ruptured aorta.


Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening –

Evaluates for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in the lower extremities, which increases the risk of heart disease.


Osteoporosis Risk Assessment –

Ultrasound screens the heel for bone mass density. Osteoporosis is painless and silent in its early stages.

Package 1 : Plaque, Vascular Disease and Heart Rhythm Package - 4 tests for only $139
Package 2: Add an Osteoporosis Screening for only $10 more - 5 tests for only $149

Do you need a pap smearbreast exam, or birth control?

The New Madrid County Health Department offers a confidential monthly womens clinic for those who are in need of these services.

Free mammograms for those who qualify through the Show Me Healthy Women Program.

For more information, call us at 573-748-5541.

Providing Services For You & Your Family

At New Madrid Co Health we understand the power of importance of having a strong healthy family unit. We are here to help..