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March 8, 2019

Dear Community Member,

Effective February 21, 2019, the New Madrid County Health Department took on the major public health issue of tobacco use by implementing a tobacco-free environment policy on the health department property located at 406 US Highway 61 in New Madrid.  The tobacco ban will apply to all employees, clients, visitors, contractors, and vendors.  Our tobacco-free policy will prohibit the use of tobacco of any kind on our property, including within our buildings and on our grounds.

NMCHD will not ask employees and clients to stop using tobacco; however, we are requiring them to refrain from tobacco use on our property.  To assist with this, NMCHD is providing resources for employees and clients to support tobacco cessation or symptom management.

As an organization committed to public health and safety, NMCHD’s primary mission is to protect the health of those in our community, while promoting a culture of health, implementing a tobacco-free policy expresses this commitment and is a positive step towards eliminating the use of tobacco in our community.

Thank you for your support,

NMCHD Tobacco Campaign Committee




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