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Vaccine Waiting List & Coronavirus Info

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Get FREE at-home COVID-19 tests at https://www.covidtests.gov/.  

The Site offers 4 free tests available for every residential address in the U.S. You may go online at COVIDTESTS.GOV and submit your request. It is very fast and easy, you only need your name and mailing address. Tests are usually shipped within 7-12 days.

The New Madrid County Health Department does NOT test for COVID-19. Please contact your Primary Care Doctor for testing options. 

On the afternoon of December 7th, 2021, Local Public Health Agencies (LPHA) across the state of Missouri received a letter from the Missouri Attorney General regarding a November 22nd, 2021 court ruling (Robinson v. Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, 20AC-CC00515). In this ruling, a Cole County Circuit Court Judge removed the authority given to the state and local public health agencies for quarantine under 19 CSR 20-20.010, 19 CSR 20-20.020, and 19 CSR 20-20.030. The Missouri Attorney General is upholding this local court ruling, and has informed LPHAs that, “You should stop enforcing and publicizing any such orders immediately.”

With that, this is to inform you that the New Madrid County Health Department has been forced to cease all COVID-19 related work at the current time. This includes: case investigations, contact tracing, quarantine orders, and public announcements of current cases/deaths, etc. While this is a huge concern for our agency, we have no other options but to follow the orders of the Missouri Attorney General at this time. We are awaiting additional direction from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), but have no timeline or expectations that this ruling will be changed.

While our agency remains determined to protect the health of our county residents, it should be understood that this ruling greatly affects how we will be able to proceed with ALL highly communicable diseases in the future.

For our county residents that have been, or will be, diagnosed with COVID-19 and require quarantine information, we recommend the following:

• Please visit the CDC website (www.cdc.gov) for information on protecting yourself, your household, and workplace.
• For quarantine information, please consult your healthcare provider for necessary timelines.
• For additional answers to questions pertaining to this situation, please contact the DHSS COVID Hotline (877-435-8411) or the Missouri Attorney General’s Office (573-751-3321).




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Do you need a pap smear, breast exam, or birth control?

The New Madrid County Health Department offers a confidential monthly women's clinic for those who are in need of these services.

Free mammograms for those who qualify through the Show Me Healthy Women Program.

For more information, call us at 573-748-5541.


Show Me Healthy Women
Thousands of Missouri women are eligible for a FREE Mammogram and Pap Test.
Are you one of them??
Mammography can detect some breast cancer about two years before physical symptoms develop.
Half of the women diagnosed with cervical cancer are between the ages of 35 and 55. 
You may qualify if you meet the age and income requirements. 
To learn more information or to schedule an appointment call the Health Department at (573) 748-5541.


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