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Family Planning/Birth Control

Family Planning/Birth Control

The primary objectives of the Family Planning Clinic are

  • improve maternal and infant health
  • lower the incidence of unintended pregnancy
  • reduce the incidence of teen birth
  • lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases

Family Planning Clinics are held once a month at the New Madrid County Health Department

Family Planning provides confidential, low-cost, preventative health care for females to help with their sexual health and reproductive health needs.

Services include pap smears, breast and pelvic exams, prescription and dispensing of various birth control methods, pregnancy testing, common screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections/diseases (specifically Chlamydia and Gonorrhea).

Birth Control Options Available

The Pill

The birth control pill is a combination estrogen/progestin pill, which prevents ovulation. It is a small pill that is taken by mouth every day to ensure protection from pregnancy. The pill is more than 99% effective if taken correctly.

Nuvaring with prescription

The ring is a combination estrogen/progestin flexible ring, which is placed into the vagina. It works the same as the patch and the pill in preventing pregnancy. The ring is worn for 3 weeks and then left out for 1 week. It is more than 99% effective.


Male condoms, either latex or non-latex, are fitted over the penis prior to each act of intercourse. If used each and every time correctly, condoms are 97% effective and if used in conjunction with contraceptive foam the effectiveness rise to 99%. The female condom fits up inside the vagina and must be put in place with every act of intercourse. It's effectiveness is similar to the male condom. Condoms are the only birth control method to protect against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.