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New Madrid County Health Department

The New Madrid County Health Department recognizes the many challenges facing the citizens of our rural county. The purpose of our organization is to Prevent, Promote, Protect the residents of New Madrid County while building partnerships with the residents and other organizations to provide support to the community.

Our mission is to serve residents of New Madrid County by promoting healthy individuals, families, communities and environment through compassionate care, education and prevention, thereby creating longer life, fewer illnesses and premature deaths.

Our Vision

Our vision for New Madrid County is a community where people have access to healthy lifestyle choices, such as

  • Physical fitness equipment
  • Safe places to walk
  • Restaurants that provide healthy food alternatives
  • Workplace wellness policies
  • Immunization rate increases
  • Lower low birth weights rates
  • Low mortality and morbidly rates 

We envision a county with high standards in healthy living, a county whose residents embrace healthy lifestyle choices, and a county that others would want to be a part of.

Our Achievements

We provide basic public health services such as Women Wellness Programs, STD treatments and follow ups, WIC, TB testing, pregnancy testing, immunizations, various screenings, Home Visiting Program, PACE Exercise Program, various health education, Bio-terrorism and Epidemiologist services, Environmental Health Services which includes the inspection of restaurants, hotels, school cafeterias, all daycare centers, water supply, etc., and Birth and Death Certificates.

What is Next?

New Madrid County Health Department is located in Southeast Missouri with a population of 16,658 in 2021. Among Missouri's 114 counties plus the city of St. Louis, New Madrid County ranks 64 in terms of population. New Madrid County's employment rate in 2020 was 6,462. In 2021, the poverty rate was 22.1% which was higher than the United States poverty rate of 12.8%  and the county median income was $42,370.

New Madrid County has four school districts made up of approximately 2,008 students and 222 school employees.

New Madrid County Health Department is a member of a 501c3 organization "Bootheel Network for Health Improvement" which includes the six Public Health Departments in the Bootheel of Missouri. This group includes Dunklin, Pemiscot, New Madrid, Mississippi, Scott and Stoddard Counties and Board Members are the Administrators of each of the counties. 

Our History

In 1932, only six counties in Missouri had a public health agency, and all of the agencies were administered by the county courts. State law was changed in 1948 to allow the establishment of county public health agencies supported by a tax levy and governed by an elected board of Trustees. The New Madrid County Health Department was established in November 1950 and is governed by five elected Board of Trustees and supported by a tax levy of .09%. The Health Department was located in the Historical A.B. Hunter home from 1951 - 1996 when it was then moved to a new building meeting the handicap requirements lacking in the older home. There are currently 10 full time and 3 part time employees.

Services Provided by the Health Department

Services Provided by the Health Department

Vaccinations for newborn up to age 18 years old, other vaccines that include flu vaccination, Tdap and Tetanus, Hep A, and COVID-19 vaccine. 

Women's Health Services - Family Planning Clinics that include yearly woman exams, birth control options, and pregnancy testing. 

Show Me Healthy Women - scheduling mammograms through a funded program if you qualify.

Screening Options: Sexually Transmitted Infections, Hemoglobin check, Cholesterol check, Blood pressure check, Lead testing, Tuberculosis test, and Head Lice check. 

WIC Program: During and after pregnancy, Infants 1st year, and children up to age 5 years of age. Must qualify.

Breast Pump loan: $25 deposit refunded on return. 

Temporary Medicaid for Pregnant Women

Programs available: Chronic Disease Self-management, Diabetes self-management, Self-monitoring blood pressure, Arthritis Exercise, Aquatics Arthritis exercise, and Walk With Ease.

Public Health Emergency Response  

Environmental and Sanitation

Vital Records: Birth and Death Certificates

Plus many more services.....

In Conclusion

Public Health touches every persons's life every day. The Missouri public Health system is in action every day, in every county of the state. It assures our children are immunized, that plans are in place for emergency and disaster management, that infectious diseases are detected and curtailed, that the effects of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and asthma are reduced, that drinking water quality is monitored, that restaurant food is safe, and attention is given to preventing injuries.